Prof. Zinaida Weißmann
Secondary Piano
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Latvian-born Zinaida Weißmann represents the world-renowned Russian school of piano performance. She was trained as a concert pianist and chamber musician, and studied co-répétiteur and piano pedagogy at J??zeps V??tols Music Academy under Professor Petr Pecherskiy (a student of Heinrich Neuhaus) and Professor Konstantin Blumenthal (a student of Konstantin Igumnov).
Weißmann has since taught chamber music and served as a co-répétiteur for violinists, singers and symphonic conductors. She teaches secondary piano at the Barenboim-Said Akademie.
Between 1983-1990, Weißmann performed regularly as a co-répétiteur with opera soloists at the Latvian State Opera. She moved to Berlin in 1990 and from 1991-2016 taught secondary piano at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, where she currently serves as chairwoman of the examination committee for secondary piano.
Weißmann was also co-repetiteur for the violin, cello and flute in courses given by a variety of professors between 1992-2003, including Professor Poppen, Professor Wallin, Professor Pergamoenschikov, Professor Sanderling and Professor Grünenthal. She is engaged in concerts across Germany. She regularly performs as a chamber musician with partners including Michael Sanderling, Madlaine Carruzzo, Hartmut Rohde and Francois Benda.

Tovba frequently accompanies string instruments in international competitions, records albums with the Deutsches Symphonie Orchester (DSO) as piano soloist, and is regularly invited to accompany diverse DSO and Berliner concert hall practice rehearsals.